Restored Wayne 70 (Signal) Gas Pump

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Wayne 70 (Signal) Gas Pump
Retail Price: $5,450.00

This Wayne brand gas pump has been restored and is in excellent condition, with Signal branding. It has a tag showing the model number 577129, and the serial number of 134137. The paint is in very good condition overall, with only a few superficial scratches.

Martin & Schwartz went into business in the early 20’s, and made many clockface pumps along with a few non-calculating manual positive displacement pumps. M&S only produced two computer pumps, the model 70 and the numerous versions of the 80. Wayne purchased M&S in the early 50’s, moved into M&S’s plant in Salsbury MD and kept pumping out the model 80’s with a few minor “Wayne” signatures embedded.



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