Original Goldtone photograph hand produced from a vintage negative by Edward S. Curtis




Printed by the Curtis Centennial Project in 1999.

Edition 15/200
14 x 11″
Negative date 1904
Print Date: 1999

“At the Old Well, Acoma”

Wording on back of print

“This original Goldtone photograph is hand-produced from a vintage negative by Edwards S. Curtis. It was printed by the Curtis Centennial Project, Inc. in 1999.

Edward Sheriff Curtis (1868-1952) was one of this country’s preeminent photographers and created a body of work that is absolutely unparalleled in the history of photography and ethenography. Curtis was a pioneer of the goldtone (or “orotone”) process and its most ardent proponent. He wrote of the process: “The ordinary photographic print, however good, lacks depth, lacks transparency, or more strictly speaking, lacks translucency. We all know how beautiful the stone and pebbles are in a limpid brook of the forest where the water absorbs the blue of the sky and the green of the foliage. Yet when we take the same iridescent pebbles from the water and dry them they are dull and lifeless. So it is with the orthodox photographic print, but in the orotone all that translucency is retained, and they are as full of life and sparkle as an opal.”

Curtis Centennial Project has pioneered many new techniques and processes in producing its Goldtones and is now, after over three years of experimentation, able to produce Goldtones that are unparalleled in their beauty, consistency and archival stability.

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